Fashion and Beer?

  • Apr 11, 2014

At first thought, one might wonder what fashion and beer could possibly have in common.  Most people associate big liquor companies with flashy new products, or expensive bubbly champagne with runway fashion shows.  We first discovered that fashion and beer go together quite well a few years ago when we started Syracuse Style.  I am not talking about your everyday, run of the mill, pedestrian light lager.  I am talking about craft beer.  Beer with full flavor and character.  Beer brewed with passion and artistry.  Think about couture gowns with sprawling head pieces and abstract silhouettes.  Then think about a hand crafted local beer, made with ginger, lavender and a touch of lemon peel.  Both out of the ordinary, both made with passion and artistry.

This year and in year’s past, our fashion events have been sponsored by many local beer companies.  Beer companies, beer distributors, and local bars all see the connection that can be made within the community by combing craft beer and fashion.  Without these sponsors a lot of these wonderful events would not be possible.  Bringing these two industries together also brings a mix of people together that may not normally cross paths.  This was evident to me last year after Syracuse Style when I noticed my brewing assistant talking intently with a striking, young, very tall model.  My assistant, Nat, is the quintessential brewer, not only on the inside, but on the outside too.  He sports a very long beard, a backwards hat, brewing boots, Carhart pants and a t-shirt most days.  Look up “Brewer” in the dictionary, and there is a picture of Nat staring back at you.  Nat has his own sense of fashion when not at work, and this night was no exception.  I watched him and the beautiful model talk for a while and noticed they were both drinking a beer.  I was curious about the conversation so I approached them and to my amazement, they were talking about beer!  This model, who a couple hours before was stomping down the runway with a fierce walk and the perfect pout, was learning about the difference between ales and lagers.  It was a very cool moment and one I won’t soon forget.  I bought them another round, and let them carry on their conversation.

This year for Syracuse Fashion Week, Nat & I will be brewing a special Fashion Week Beer.  It will be an interesting brew made with rose hips and chamomile.  Its going to be light and crisp, with a reddish hue and stylish flavors.  This beer will be available at all three runway events and also on tap at Empire for the duration of the week.  So when you are attending these events and you walk up to the bar for a refreshment, try one of these special brews, and see for yourself how beer and fashion can walk hand in hand down any runway.


Tim Butler
Director of Brewing Operations
Empire Brewing Co.